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Financial advice with the power of a Family Risk Report could save your family thousands of pounds.

FRisk Benefits:

  • Ensure that your assets go exactly where you decide.
  • Avoid the risk of the UK government legally taking your assets if you die without a will.
  • Protect your family home and make sure the person who you intend to inherit your house does actually inherit it.
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If you died yesterday...

You might assume that your loved ones will automatically inherit your assets when you die but that is absolutely not the case.

How would your family manage?

If you pass away without a will in the UK, you die ‘intestate’, and the government have strict rules that decide how your assets are divided.

See how are risk you and your family are for free.
Free Risk Report

If you died yesterday...

You might assume that your loved ones will automatically inherit your assets when you die but that is absolutely not the case.


How would your family manage?

If you pass away without a will in the UK, you die ‘intestate’, and the government have strict rules that decide how your assets are divided.

See how are risk you and your family are for free.
Free Risk Report

Effective Financial Planning with FRisk

At FRisk we know that creating the right financial plan for your individual circumstances will provide the secure future that you and your family have always wanted. 

Working with a financial planner will allow you to clarify what your financial goals are and give you a road map for how to achieve those wealth objectives.

Our free Family Risk Report will provide valuable information on how you can start to manage your current assets like mortgages, pensions, and investments more efficiently. 

You’ll also learn how you can protect your estate for the future by effective tax planning to reduce UK inheritance tax and how to safeguard your loved ones after your death with products like life insurance.

When you sign up to FRisk you also gain access to a panel of trusted expert financial planners who can help you plan a brighter future for you and your family. Take control of your finances today and create the future you want.

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Efficient Financial Planning is So Important for Your Family

No matter how tangled your finances are currently, working with an expert financial planner is always a smart move. Wealth investment professionals help people at all stages of life with their financial goals. Financial planning considers your estate as a whole. Your financial planner will review your outgoings, debts, and investments to create a tailored and comprehensive plan that can deliver your financial objectives now and in the future. Top financial planners will research the marketplace for the right financial products for your situation and provide you with tax efficient planning advice as well as keeping you informed about any changes in UK law which may impact your estate.

An effective financial plan will give you and your family:

Clear objectives – a financial planner will help you prioritise the goals that are most important to you and understand how to deliver them in the most effective way possible.

Expert knowledge – our recommended financial planning providers have many years’ experience of guiding clients through the complex world of financial products. You can draw on that experience to make your assets work harder for you.

Skilled performance – expert financial planners will make the process of sourcing the right product providers and the right investments for your estate as simple and painless as possible.

Regular reviews – with a financial planner you’ll have regular reviews so you can make any adjustments needed to keep your financial plan delivering for you and your family.

Objective advice – making financial decisions can be difficult and even emotional but with an effective financial planner you get calm and objective advice to make sensible decisions for your estate.

FRisk can introduce you to a panel of recommended financial planning providers who have the expertise and market-leading tools to help transform your estate for the better. Sign up to FRisk today and start making informed decisions on your finances.

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Estate Planning for Your Family’s Finances

Estate planning is more than just another word for financial planning. Planning your estate efficiently does include protecting your family’s finances. 

Estate planning will help you review any investments, property, pensions, businesses, life insurance and savings that you have and assist in reducing the amount of inheritance tax that your loved ones will pay on your death. But effective estate planning will also ensure your wishes are carried out as to who inherits your estate after your death and safeguarded from any legal challenge.

In addition, you’ll decide if you want to take out a funeral plan or a lasting power of attorney just in case you are afflicted by mental incapacity during your lifetime. Estate planning will also look at guardianship arrangements for any children under 18 that you have. 

Through our free Family Risk Report you’ll understand just why you need tailored estate planning advice and access estate planning providers that you can trust.

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Tax Planning a Key Part of Your Financial Plan

Making sure that your loved ones don’t have to pay any unnecessary Inheritance Tax when you die is a key component of planning for their financial future. As it currently stands, Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK is 40%. Why leave a heavy financial burden for your family after your death when proper tax planning can lead to a future of vastly reduced Inheritance Tax. Keep your assets in the hands of those you love with effective financial planning methods like:

  • Setting up a trust fund – trust funds are fully protected from inheritance tax and can be set up at any time.
  • Giving an asset or a gift to family or friends during your life – distributing money over seven years before your death is very tax-efficient. Gifts between spouses or civil partners, gifts to universities or charities can be exempt from IHT.
  • Putting a life insurance policy in a trust thereby making it tax exempt.
  • Donating to charity means your inheritance tax percentage is reduced.

You can use our Free Family Risk Report to start creating a more efficient financial plan. Work with one of FRisk’s recommended financial planners to prepare a positive family future. Draw on their expertise to keep your loved one’s inheritance in the family.

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Life Insurance for Effective Financial Planning

When you’re creating a financial plan to deliver prosperity for you and your family, make sure to include some protection planning. What would happen if you were to fall ill or die suddenly? 

Ensure your family is safeguarded, whatever the future brings. If you die while having a life assurance policy your insurance company will pay out a lump sum to your beneficiaries. That money can cover any outstanding debts like mortgages or funeral and medical costs after you’ve passed away.

In addition, if you buy a life insurance policy within a trust, it will not be subject to UK inheritance tax of 40%. Taking out life insurance can bring you peace of mind that your family’s standard of life will be secured.

 Work with FRisk’s list of recommended life insurance companies and find the right insurance partner for your financial plan.

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Planning a Brighter Family Future with FRisk

Created by legal and financial experts Martin Holdsworth and Sandro Forte, our free, quick, and personalised FRisk Report generates a Family Risk Score to decide which Financial Planning options are best for you and your loved ones. But wanting to leave your family in the best possible financial situation after your death means working also with the best estate planners, funeral plan providers and legal firms in the UK. Join FRisk today and you can access recommended experts in Estate Planning, Wills, Life Insurance, Power of Attorney, and Funeral Plans.

FRisk helps you protect your family by:

  • Saving thousands of pounds and avoiding up to 40% on inheritance tax
  • Preventing future family inheritance disputes with the right will and lasting power of attorney when 60% of adults in the UK die without a will and 1 in 3 people rely financially on their inheritance
  • Planning now for future funeral costs with the expense of dying already over £5,000
  • Protecting the guardianship of your children and ensuring continued access to your digital assets
  • Searching, comparing, and accessing FRisk-recommended financial, legal, and funeral experts to assure your family’s future

Start planning the financial future you’ve always wanted for your family by signing up to FRisk today.

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